Back in McMurdo

For those of you waiting on the edge of your seat… my flight came in. I left Pole and arrived back in McMurdo on Saturday. I did what Scott and his team could not do. I made it back to coast from the pole. To be fair my only hardship was a rather cold 4 hour flight on an LC-130. I was allowed up on the flight deck for take off which amazed me. Unfortunately it was a very cloudy day and I couldn’t see anything. Still it was very nice of the flight crew to let me up there. On the upside I made it back to McMurdo in time for dinner. 🙂

LC-130, my ride back to McMurdo. The "L" means it has skis.

The solar heated passenger lounge. It was surprisingly warm inside considering it was -25 F outside (a rather warm day by Pole standards)

On the flight deck of the LC-130. These planes practically fly themselves!

The morning before I left pole was quite crazy at the Station. The Moon-Regan Expedition, a group of folks traversing Antarctica with an experimental vehicle and bio-fuel came in for their station tour and photo session with the ceremonial pole. They drew quite the crowd of on-loookers during the the lunch break. The Moon-Regan team were quite eager to talk to new people and the South residents were keen to hear about their difficult trip. It worked out well for everyone. Folks were still gathered and chatting when it was time for me to get ready for my flight.

Moon-Regan Support Trucks

Moon-Regan experimental ice vehicle

"Media Circus" South Pole style

Today was Sunday, everyone’s day off. So of course I used a large part of today to get caught up on work and chores. I also went to the famous McMurdo craft fair. Folks here are really creative. There were handmade skirts, bags, and books. The were knitted hats with Antarctic designs and lots of photographs, paintings and magnets. I picked up a few prints of water colors. Now my walls won’t be so bare (hopefully Andrew will like the prints). Sorry no pictures from the craft fair… I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for Andrew or document my shopping habits.

If we have good weather tomorrow I will take my first helicopter flight. We will be headed to mount Newell in the Dry Valleys… stay tuned.

Elevated South Pole Station with Geographic South Pole in front

The front entrance to South Pole Station

The front door of South Pole Stationj looks like the entrance to an industrial freezer. Only difference here is that the freezer is the outside.

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  1. Gerry and I are toghether looking at your pictures… the lounge looks quit intising… however we are fine just looking at the picture…. and take your word as to how warm it was in side… as for the experiemental vehical… can it go on water… because we both thought it was very cool…. and something very unique … we would be the talk of the town in boca… if that was our jet ski….the “crowds” of on lookers were amazing… how many people there 10 or so…. and finally could you put up pictures of the crafts fair… or were you kidding about that… gerry says the kids loved your postcard… and want to fly down and meet you…. love you …
    we are thinking of you today … on your mother’s birthday….

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