First Foray

I have been in Antarctica for a week and a half now. My hair keeps looking better and better (yeah for super low humidity), but my hands keep getting more and more chapped (boo for super low humidity). Big thanks to Kari for the huge tub of moisture cream; I carry it around with me wherever I go. I have been making friends by sharing. 🙂

The survival cache atop Mount Newall is filled with food, fuel, and other supplies to help you last out in the cold for several days. Survival caches are placed where there are semi-permanent facilities. All vehicles carry smaller, but similar, survival bags.

The "luxory loo". Whenever possible human waste is contained and removed from Antarctica. Having a sheltered outhouse makes this process much easier

On Monday, I took my first helicopter flight. We went to Mount Newall. It was amazing and a little bit frightening. Helicopters do not move like planes or cars, they pivot and levitate. Also you have to wear a big helicopter helmet with a visor and and microphone. Wearing the helmet definitely adds to the excitement, especially since it comes equipped with its own communication system.

Atop Mount Newall.... flying is sooo much easier than hiking.

Atop Mount Newall with Lake Vanda in the background.

On the flight to Mount Newall, we flew over the sea ice and saw glaciers that had been frozen in while they were still moving. We flew over glaciers and fjords. It was breathtakingly beautiful. When we took off from Mount Newall it felt like we jumped off a cliff.

Unfortunately, I was taking pictures through a tinted polarized window and a polarizing filter so my aerial shots aren’t that great. I am posting a few anyhow.

Shining blue ice of a glacier.

A glacier frozen in motion. Notice how flat the ice is in the "wake" and how crumpled the ice is on the leading edge.

If the weather cooperates, I will be headed out to the historic Scott Hut at Cape Evans in a piston bully. I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather and a fully functioning piston bully.

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  1. We got your post card yesterday (12/6) – thanks!! Your pictures are amazing and we look forward to each of your adventure updates.

  2. stop the toliet alone …. are you kidding me…. really…. come one…no way… what were you thinking…. stop ..stop …stop…. pitching dome tents.. well i guess you are just happy to be able to sit while….

  3. oh my gosh… loved loved loved all the pictures… thank you so much….. i have many questions…. because i am an idiot… but one is…. what kind of animal was on the postcard you sent me… a Skua….really… i thought it was fake…. oh and just one more question… are the guys good looking up there?

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