A Day of Opposites

This morning started out cold and rainy.  By the time I got to the warehouse to pick up my ECW gear I was covered in puddle.  Since I wrote about ECW last year, I won’t bore you  except to say that it isn’t nearly as cold in the Peninsula region so the cold weather gear is not nearly as exciting this year.

Fortunately, when I looked up from my computer to go to lunch it was a gorgeous sunny day (and I have a really unfortunate sun burn to prove it!).  The Cementerio in Punta Arenas is famous.  It is like a smaller, more provincial, version of Recolleta in Buenos Aires.  I spent a couple of hours wandering around.  It is really touching how the graves of loved ones many decades deceased are still tended.

It was about this time that I started getting very sentimental and was ranking my favorite graves.  When that happened, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was time to leave.

I went back into town and stumbled upon a children’s parade.  All of the kids and their parents were dressed up in themed costumes.  I have no idea what it was for,  but it was adorable!

And so ends my day out and about town.  I have finally learned where my room, the stairs, and the IT department live.  Go me!

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  1. We watched a special on Antarctica on the History Channel. It looked to be the research area you previously visited. It was interesting. Stay warm!

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