First! Day! At! Sea!

Can you sense my excitement from my liberal use of exclamation marks?!  We set sail shortly after breakfast.

Right after we pulled away from the dock we had  “the talk” where we learned about all the ways we could die (fall down the stairs, get washed away by waves) maim ourselves (finger gets closed in a door, jewelry snags while working, slip).  To quote the first mate,  “this boat is designed with one purpose: to injure you”.  I think that Andrew would have really liked this talk (more than 5 ways to die while having the same kind of fun).  We also learned about the number 1 way to  anger the crew, not closing the toilet valve  so no one on the whole ship can flush.  You would think it wouldn’t be that hard to flush….

Sadly, I have already been visited by the flusher police.  There was some grunting about the vacuum, but I think I was in compliance.

After lunch we were set free… and I of course I went straight out on deck and stayed there until dinner.

I saw my first (and many more) Commerson’s dolphin.   We saw them in the straits of Magellan at the last “pinch point”.  They appeared in small groups (I think 5 was the largest cohesive group of animals I saw).  They weren’t shy about trying to bowride, but I think we were going  a bit too fast for them.

I also got to see some of my old friends the pinguineras at sea.  I know that penguins are good swimmers.  I know that they can range far and wide in search of food.  However,  they still caught me off guard seeing them so far from shore (we saw them well beyond the oil rigs!)

We had a long stretch with not much wildlife except for non-cooperative (too small, too fast, too far away) terns.  When I returned to the deck for sunset, there was a great petrel  (I think that’s the correct common name, but this bird was big, close, and pretty cooperative).