I had a pretty easy trip down here.  All except for 1 of my flights were delayed,  but I had long layovers and Jimmy… so there was no drama.  Who is Jimmy you may ask… none other than the “fairy godfather” of the Santiago Airport.  As I stumbled bleary eyed into the over crowded customs hall, there he was waving an Antarctic sign and calling my name.   Jimmy has “magic” or rather airport security clearance and things to do so he whisked me to the front of the line, talked to the customs agents for me, found my bag, and deposited me in a private lounge with food and water (It was like the “Antarctic Club”).  I wish I had a “Jimmy” on every international trip!

I am writing this post from my stateroom in the Research Vessel Lawrence M  Gould (hereafter the LMG—why bother typing the long name out when you don’t have to?).  It sounds spiffy and important, no?  Actually, all of the “normal”  rooms here are called state rooms. With only 2 people per room and a bathroom inside the room, there is no reason to complain.

I am still trying to learn my way about the boat and jet lag wasn’t helping yesterday… but look what I found:

After I finally found the way out  (there are way too many doors that all look the same on this boat!) I made my way to the town square. The big statue honoring Magellan is the center piece of the square.

Just outside of the square were some lovely historic looking buildings.

After I took the clock tower photo, I returned to the square and noticed that it was filling up with teenaged girls dressed to the nines.  Maybe it was prom night.  I took that as my cue to head back to the boat and crawl into my bunk.

We still have 2 more days in port.  I need to go get my Extreme Cold Weather Gear (ECW) and then I hope to have time to explore during daylight.  Even in port I have very limited e-mail access on the boat, but I will try to post once more.