Good Morning Antarctica!

We made it through the Drake and then some…we knew we were getting close.  Everyone was asking the crew  “When are we going to see cool Antarctic things?”  We were told that it would start getting good at 10 am.  So like kids on Christmas morning, we started wandering out to the deck at 6 am.  I was a sleepy head,  I didn’t make it until 6:45 am and then…














Before we knew it,  it was time to get ready to pull up to the pier.  All of the “Able bodied  Seamen”  (otherwise known as AB’s  or the guys who know where everything is and have secret stashes of cleaning products) donned their personal protective equipment and got ready.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Antarctica!

  1. I kind of like “krilleater”…I’m thinking it should be my gangsta rap name. 😉 The first record could be “krill bill”…on the crabby seal record label.

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