At a loss for moss

We went to Barientos Island in the Aitcho Islands.   Barientos is a favored tourist spot because it has breeding chinstrap and gentoo penguins AND a lovely walk  through the center of the island.  The trail is supposed to weave its way around moss banks and other vegetation.  However, in the past few years the trail has become so eroded that it has  been closed to prevent further damage.  We met up with some Ecuadorian scientists so they could explain the site and its issues to us.

The gentoos at Barientos were doing well.  Gentoos seem to be climate change winners.  Their colonies are expanding  and they are colonizing new areas.

Sadly, the moss and the trail were having a lie-in under the snow; we couldn’t actually look at the moss and the erosion.  We are going to have to wait for an update from our Ecuadorian friends after the snow has melted.