Cuverville, Danco and two Ornes, oh my!

I wish I had Antarctic stomping grounds,  and  if I did  they would be near Cuverville Island. One of the folks I was travelling with  had camped  for 3 summers in a row (4 months at time)  on Cuverville Island.   The idea definitely  appealed.  Cuverville is a lovely island, with snow banks perfect for bum-sliding down, a raucous penguin  colony,  and gorgeous  glacial scenery.  And  It is surrounded by several equally lovely sites.


Orne harbor, annoyingly, is not on Orne island. It can be found at a neighboring island. Both Ornes were spectacular and receive surprisingly few visits.

Orne Island is one of my favorite places we visited.  There are no nasty steep hills.  There are heaps of chinstraps breeding (very successfully  on rocky outcrops) and there is heaps of snow for people to walk on, or sit and peacefully watch penguins from.   I did a lot of sitting peacefully, and little photo taking. The site was a true delight and it is rarely visited by cruise ships.