Hannah Point

Hannah point is so very special because it is jam packed filled with animals.  There are so many penguins  that some areas are completely impassable to humans.  There were piles of seals  and loads of nesting giant petrels (a notoriously shy species).   Hannah Point raises some interesting discussions.   The internationally agreed guidance for tourists/visitors in the Antarctic is to keep  a precautionary distance of 5 meters  (15 feet) from the animals.    At Hannah point this just isn’t possible .  When tourists first started coming to Hannah point there were fewer penguins and more room,  but lately  the gentoos have been expanding. So the question is should the guidance be amended or should visits to Hannah point be further restricted or ended?

So that was Hannah point in a nut shell.   It was great seeing so many different species in one place,  but it sure felt crowded!