Historic British Antarctica

Since I spent most of my time traveling with the Royal Navy it seems fitting that my last post should highlight some British Antarctic history.   The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and its predecessor Falkland Islands Dependency Survey (FIDS)  have been operating in Antarctic waters since the dawn of time- or at least since the 1950’s.    I got to visit a few sites of historic importance

Then aboard the Hanseatic I saw Wordie House and Vernadsky Station.   Vernadsky is now run by the Ukrainian National Program,  but it was built by the British Antarctic Survey as  Faraday  Station.   Visiting with a tour operator was a bit different.  We had 10 minutes to see Wordie house  and we had to get in an orderly line to do so.  I couldn’t get a picture of the outside, but it looks like Port Lockroy,  black building  with red trim.  It had all the luxuries of 1950’s Britain (including something approximating indoor plumbing- not pictured) and…

So that is my trip in a nutshell.  I have been gone only 3 weeks  but it seems ages since I have seen Andrew and the cats.   I have had a wonderful time, but I am ready for the comforts of home!