Land ho!

It seems appropriate that my first Antarctic landing was at Yankee Harbour.   It, however, seems inappropriate that the officially recognized  name for a site referencing Americans adds a “u” to  harbor.    Way back in the sealing days (1880s)  the Americans  sealers had a large camp/ seal carcass processing center at Yankee Harbour.  There was a kerfluffle over sealing rights and some nearby   British sealers   decided to  have it out with the Americans.  There were 40 American sealing boats in the harbor at the time…things did not go well for the Brits.

Sadly  things did not go so well for me either.  It was raining buckets and there were hordes of tourists everywhere.  So no photos and we carried on to Halfmoon Island.

Right so the fun is just beginning.  I can’t believe I get two weeks of island hopping.  If it weren’t for all the meetings  and writing I would feel like a tourist!

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