Lemaire and back again (and again)

The Lemaire Chanel is one of those postcard perfect places in the Antarctic.  Clear blue skies and majestic icebergs reflect in mirror-calm water framed by steep glacially cut mountains.   I had three chances to experience the wonder of the Lemaire…and all three times it rained and fogged- there went the postcards.  Even still, it was impressive..and on the third attempt I finally saw the  fog magically reflected Winking smile

So my first pass through the Lemaire  was to get my group to Peterman Island  and to drop off a team of researchers further south at Green Island.  The Lemaire was just choked  with icebergs!

Once through the foggy and berg packed Lemaire it was on to Green Island

Then it was a quick trip to Petermann Island for more penguins and glacial scenery…I mean work,  yes definitely  work.

Hopefully, in some future year,  a will get a fourth chance to see the Lemaire at its best.  Even in the rain and the chop and the fog it was a surreal experience.