Antarctic Christmas Pageant

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days.  I have been mad crazy busy with work,  meetings, telecons and all the other stuff that creeps up when you are supposed to be a grown up with a job.   I managed to sneak off last night for the town Christmas Pageant hosted by the waste department.   That’s right,  the garbage collectors put on a show in the garbage sorting facility and it was awesome.

For whatever reason the waste department is insanely  creative and talented.   They take great pride in decorating their  shabby waste  sorting facility.   They go all out for the annual Christmas pageant

The format of the evening was quite simple.  There would be a musical act,  sometimes Christmas inspired, sometimes not,  followed by the waste department’s interpretation of a scene from the Nutcracker.

Well that was the Christmas pageant.  As you can see,  there are a lot of very creative people here.   Insane creativity is something of a survival skill for working down here.  Nothing ever works as planned  and the isolation can get a bit full on.     McMurdo definitely has its own style.  It feels a bit like a boarding school for over achievers  plunked in the middle of a mining town.

With some luck I will get out of town tomorrow.  fingers crossed!  Then I might be able to show you guys some cool ice an animals.

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