And an Antarctic New Year to All!

Happy New Year from Antarctica!   One of the most beloved traditions on McMurdo is the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations.   The Galley always cooks up a super starchy dinner (this year  it was pasta bar AND Baked potato bar AND  three kinds of cake).  I’ll let you guess their rationale.

Right after dinner the fun begins with  a chili cook off and Icestock- only the coolest music festival ever!

“Suck it Metallica”  seemed to be the theme of the evening.  Metallica- god bless them- came and played a concert  on King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands, this year.   Despite being north of 60 south, and never setting foot on continent  they claimed they gave an Antarctic Rock Concert.  Well the McMurdo rock scene could have let that slide  except,  Metallica went on to say that theirs was the first Antarctic Rock concert since a band from the British Antarctic Survey  played at Rothera in 2007- and everyone knows that doesn’t really count.  Ouch low blow Metallica!  McMurdo has been rocking out Icestock for 25 years and we have speakers (loud ones)






I have never had a New Years Eve quite like this.  I hope you all had wonderful times out there in the wide world.  Happy New Year to you!

What a great way to end my Antarctic trip,  I start the trek home tomorrow.

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  1. I have enjoyed the trip. Hope to see you in Texas soon. By the way it was 40 degrees here, overcast and I was cold yesterday. Probably colder than you. Hope your trip home is a good one.

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