Icy New Beginnings

Hello all!

Welcome back to my cheesy blog. I cannot believe that this is the fifth trip I am taking to the Antarctic! Perhaps it is high time that I finally introduce myself. My name is Adrian and I am addicted to academics- um I mean I am a PhD candidate at George Mason University. One day I hope … to graduate.

For my PhD research I am looking at ways to design a new marine protected area (MPA) in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region. A well designed MPA would help conserve a wide variety of marine species and help make the fisheries more sustainable. That means I need to have a very good understanding of how the marine ecosystems function in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region.

This year, for the first time, I am travelling to Antarctica as a full fledged member of a science program. I will be on the zooplankton team for NOAAs winter oceanographic cruise. I believe my actual title is something like  “junior biological technician”, which accurately portrays that I have a lot to learn!

So, this year come with me as I learn about the little critters that live in the Southern Ocean and support the marine food web. We will be catching all sorts of odd looking animals. We expect- and hope- that there will be a lot of krill (a little shrimp like creature that is eaten by fish, penguins, seals, whales and even harvested by people).

It is also my first oceanographic research cruise on a big ship! I will be living and working on the RVIB Nathaniel B Palmer for about a month. The Palmer is the bigger sister ship to the RVIB Laurence M Gould (a.k.a “Fisher’s Price’s my first ice breaker”) that I travelled on a few years ago. It should be good sciencey times. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Icy New Beginnings

  1. Hi. We know your mom & dad. My husband was one of their veterinarians until he recently retired. I taught at one of the same schools as your mom.
    My husband & I have loved suba diving, of course in the warm waters so we have a love for the sea animals/life as well. I look forward to reading your blog. I am not one to reply much though. (-:
    Stay safe & have a great time learning.

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