Care Package

So today was the big day. We delivered the freshies care package to the Poles. Arctowski Station is on King George Island (KGI), in Admiralty Bay. KGI is like the big city for the Antarctic Peninsula region, there are so many Antarctic stations there!

The Peruvians have the cutest little station! It looks like it is going to be swallowed by the glacier, but it is actually on a peninsula.

These were just the stations we passed by. There is a large Station- Frei- occupied jointly by the Chileans and the Russians. Frei has an airport used by researchers and tourists just behind a corner we didn’t round. The Koreans, Chinese, and Germans also have stations on KGI.  See it really is a happening place?

Anyhow we were here for one purpose to deliver freshies (fresh eggs, milk, lemons, oranges, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes) to our friends and collaborators, the Poles at Arctowski Station. This is a big exciting event for us and the Poles

We had a lot of food to give the Poles, two crane loads! Don’t think they were expecting quite so much!

The guy in the orange suit  could not seem to get the zodiac untied from the NBP.   He nearly fell in trying to undo the knot. Maybe he wanted to stay. We do have more freshies and great cook aboard.

The transit to and from Arctowski provided some great sightseeing-  if you could stand the cold. It was a bright sunny windy day. The wind was brutal.  It was about –30C with windchill. Thank goodness for big red.

The dramatic sunset never came. Sad smile I am usually working the lab at sunset so may I present you with a dramatic sunset from earlier in the cruise.