Iceward, finally iceward!

Hello Friends!

As July draws to a close,  it is time for me to do the unthinkable.  Yes, that is right,  it is nearly 100F outside and I have been trying on long underwear,  fuzzy hats,  and ordering new  warm gloves.   This  time next week, that won’t seem so strange, as I will be  deep in a Patagonian winter about to board a research vessel for Antarctica!

Once again I will be  setting sail on the gloriously  orange  Nathaniel B. Palmer,  an icebreaker  devoted to research in the southern oceans.    I will again be a   “lab rat”  on the zooplankton team,  spending much of my time in the zooplankton lab identifying and  counting zooplankton.

AND, perhaps the best part,  many of the friends I made last year will be returning for this cruise

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