Ice Hurricane

Well folks  I haven’t been writing much this year because we have been plagued by bad weather and rough seas.  I have been battling sea sickness almost everyday!    Over the past two days we went through  what can only  be called an  “Ice Hurricane”.   The ship was totally fine, there was never any doubt for our safety.  We just couldn’t work,  or stare at computer screens, or you know keep food down.

So what is an ice hurricane?  Well  it does this to the portholes.


And for you weather nerds,  the barometer takes a nose dive while the winds blow steadily at 70 knots and gust over 80 knots

Yup,  we spent several days  just staring at the ship’s displays hoping to see signs the weather was breaking and we could go back to work soon.

Those of you who have have lived in Hurricane country know that some times all you can do is have a party and wait the storm out together.   Luckily,  the hurricane fell on  “hump day”  or half way through the cruise.  We were ready for a  party.  We threw a kick butt,  pajama- jammy jam  dance party.

The best thing about dancing on a ship during an ice hurricane  is that  the ship  “helps”  you dance with all its rolling,  pitching,  and  bumping.  Whatever.  The sea sickness drugs were plentiful and the two disco lights  went all night long.

After two and a half days of being cooped  inside,  the winds finally  died down,  the sun came out  and we were allowed out on the bow deck.

We are now in the Bransfield Strait,  there is ice everywhere  and a prediction for calm seas for the next few days.   I am so so so happy  to finally be able to enjoy Antarctica.