Science-made Ice Cream

Ice cream is a BIG DEAL in Antarctica.    We eat so much ice cream down here it is insane.   On this ship we have a dedicated ice cream freezer in the mess hall.  It is always,  always stocked with ice cream bars and sandwiches,  sometimes pints.   People eat ice cream around the clock.  Some folks have ice cream at every meal  and for snacks.  I have heard folks swear that the way to beat sea sickness is to eat ice cream.  This post is devoted to some very special ice cream.

Every Tuesday at 12:30 sharp  we have a safety drill.  Everyone  onboard,  whether you are working,  hanging out,  or you are sleeping in the middle of your night,  must report to the muster station carrying full survival gear.  Then we wait in the room for an unspecified amount of time until the Captain releases us. 

To pass the time and make the drills more fun we make  ice cream  with liquid nitrogen.  There is a designated  dewar  and gloves.  The lab technician makes the liquid nitrogen onboard.  There is a little machine that bubbles away making liquid nitrogen 24-hours a day.  

The ice cream this week  was blueberry vanilla,  and it was a bit of a purpley grey color.  It didn’t photograph well,  but it tasted pretty good.  The secret to great ice cream   is lots of fast stirring and lots of liquid nitrogen.     When those two forces combine you get a nice  velvety treat.   So good!